ARCHIVE - How to uninstall Java then reinstall it - Windows **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Uninstall Java

1. First, open the Control Panel.

If you are using Windows 10, simply search the Start Menu for “Control Panel”.


Windows 8 features a “Charms” bar accessible from the top or bottom right “hot corner”. Position your cursor in either corner until the five Charms appear along the right edge of the screen. Click Search. Alternatively, the Search charm can be accessed with the keyboard shortcut Windows logo + Q). Search for “Control Panel”. 



If you are in Windows 7 or Vista, click Start (bottom-left) and select Control Panel.

 2. When the Control Panel appears, select Apps from the Windows Settings screen.

3. Scroll down and select Java from the Apps and Features screen and then click the Uninstall button. 

4. Click Yes to confirm the program uninstall.


Install latest version of Java 

5. Download and install java, free of charge, from the Java website  

Reinstall Voyant

Now that you have the latest version of Java, you will then need to sign-in to the Voyant website and click “Download Voyant Adviser” to launch and install. Complete instructions on installing can be found here.

6. Which website you visit to reinstall the software will depend on which version of Voyant you intend to use. 


  Canada -


  Ireland -


  United Kingdom -


  United States -


7. Click the Downloand Voyant Adviser button to install the software.