Rolling back the RSMR preferences update

Q - I was in a hurry and updated assumptions by mistake. Can I roll back to the older assumptions for now at least?

A - If you don't want to use the new RSMR assumptions, at least not yet, but selected Update by mistake, try closing the case without saving your changes.


Click Open Client Record, the double arrow button top-left.

 38.png            39.png


Then when reopening the client record, be sure to click Don’t Update the assumptions when prompted.



If you updated to the new assumptions and saved your changes by mistake, try reopening the case. Click Manage Plans, the hammer icon top-left.


Click View Versions, select and Open an older version of the case - probably the version saved just prior to the latest version. This slightly older version of the case should still use the Novia assumptions.


The same prompt will appear when opening this older version of the case. This time, click Don’t Update the assumptions when prompted.


Click Save (the disk button, top-left) to save your changes to the client case, which will effectively roll back to a copy of this older version.


Please note: Novia no longer updates these assumptions and haven't done so in several years so it would be a good idea, when you have time, to transition to the new RSMR assumptions, which are being maintained by RSMR going forward. You will receive this update prompt every time a case is opened that uses the old Novia default market assumptions.



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Update version 4.2.34, 2017-March-29