How to remove invalid asset allocations from your portfolio library

You might have several locally saved model portfolios that you originally built using the now discontinued Novia assumptions. These portfolios will no longer be valid in client cases once you upgrade them to use the new RSMR assumptions.

You could choose simply to ignore these now invalid portfolios or do a little optional housekeeping and remove them from your library.

To remove these old portfolios from your computer, open any client case and then open any Asset Allocation panel.

1. You will find the Asset Allocation panel under Advanced Settings on the Investments screen and on the Pensions > Money Purchase and Drawdown Pensions screens.



This panel can also be accessed on the Preferences screen by clicking the cog button (Preferences) top-right.



Expand the Asset Allocation panel under System or Plan Preferences.



2. Click the Edit button on this panel.
3. Click Load.


A list of the portfolios saved in your library will be shown left.

Select a portfolio. A message will display along the bottom of the dialogue if the portfolio no longer valid when using the RSMR market assumptions.

4. Click the Delete button to remove the portfolio from your library.



5. Repeat these steps until you have all the invalid asset allocations removed from your library.
6. Click Cancel to close the library once you have completed your housekeeping.

Note: These asset allocations will be deleted from the local library of asset allocations for your user account on this particular computer. If you were to access Voyant from a different computer or sign in using a different user account, that computer or user account will have its own local library storing a different set of saved asset allocations, which could also be deleted.


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Update version 4.2.34, 2017-March-29