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For the UK we also have a webinar page - this includes videos such as AdviserGo in 5minutes, Accumulation case study, Retirement case study, Planning for University and Using Voyant to discuss Market Turbulence:


Getting Started - Overview of AdviserGo 

An overview of Voyant AdviserGo including how to navigating the system, Plan Settings and creating What If scenarios.


Please note: Although it is the UK release of Voyant AdviserGo that is presented in this video, practically all of the features and concepts shown work in precisely the same manner in our US, Canadian, Australian and Irish versions of the software.


AdviserGo Highlights




Cash flow essentials

Overview of outputs and charts


Savings surplus income


The Timeline - how to add new Events


Checking a Plan - Some tools and tips


One Time Overpayment of a Debt


Entering a Final Salary Pension


Taking Tax Free Cash as a Lump Sum


Managing Plans and Scenarios

Updating the Planning Year and Promoting Scenarios

Learn how the planning year is set in Voyant, how to change it, and how to run a general update of a plan when performing an annual client review. We will also demonstrate how updated base plans can be used to track client progress.




Promotional videos

Two promotional videos are currently available to help demonstrate the value of using Voyant with your clients.

Video 1 - Illustrates the planning needs of a young couple with children as they plan for retirement and other major milestones such as starting a business, their daughter's wedding and her years at university.

Video 2 - Shows the changing concerns of this couple as they near retirement.

Both videos are available for promotional purposes and are designed to be used in any market. If you wish to add these videos to your firm's website, the embedding code is available on each video's YouTube page.


Voyant testimonals

Metis Ireland Voyant Testimonial Video - Why are the team at Metis Ireland so excited about Voyant? Watch to find out.

Adviser subscribers describe their experience with Voyant and how it has helped enhance the quality of their advice.