Importable Fact Find - Import and create new client cases using the importable fact find

Voyant has developed an importable fact find to reduce the amount of initial data input needed to create new client cases. Rather than rekeying all of the information from a client fact find into Voyant, data can be imported from this fillable PDF form directly into software in only a few quick steps.

Know from the start that the importable fact find is not intended to be a replacement for knowing how to use the software nor will it allow you to entirely sidestep the need for any manual entry of information into Voyant. Advisers and paraplanners will still need to check plans after importing them into Voyant and not everything is importable (more about this in a moment). Above all else, clients are only human and some do odd things when filling out forms.


Where to download the fact find and how to edit it

Our fact finds are country-specific. Which version of Voyant do you use?






  United Kingdom


  United States

Or visit our master library.


Please note that a client should be sent either the complete fact find or the shortened version but not both, since only one document could be imported into Voyant and used to create a new client case.

To use the fact find, first you will need to download and save it to your computer. Depending on browser, go to the File menu and select Save As (Internet Explorer) or Save Page As (Firefox) or right-click on the document onscreen and select Save As (Google Chrome). Select an easy-to-find location and save the file locally on your computer before filling it out and importing it.

You and your clients will need also to have installed the free Adobe Acrobat Reader The Acrobat reader is an industry standard for electronic documents so it is likely you have it installed already.

Note: Do not fill out the fact find while viewing it in your browser. This is a common mistake among first time users. If you simply click the link to the fact find, which will usually open it in your browser, and then attempt to add information to the fact find while viewing it your browser, your changes will be lost when you close the document, regardless of whether you try first to save your changes.

-  Are you personally editing a fact find? Be sure to save this file to an easy-to-find folder on your computer and open the fact find using Adobe Acrobat before making any entries.

-  Are you sending a link to the fact find to clients? Be sure to make the instructions above clear to them. Otherwise, consider downloading the fact find first and send the file to your client via email. The latter option might be the safest approach. 


How to import a fact find into Voyant and create a new client case

To import a fact find, first open Voyant Adviser and sign in. Click past our training schedule and any release notes that might be displayed initially.

The Open Client Record dialogue will display, as shown below.

If you already have Voyant open, click the Client: Open link (top-left) to open this dialogue.


1. If this is a new client, do not select any existing client cases. Simply click the Import button.



Note: If you want to import information from a fact find into a client case that already exists in Voyant, first select the client and click Import. Instructions on how to update existing client cases with information from an importable fact find can be found in the final section of this guide.

2. Use the Open file dialogue to locate and select the fact find.

3. Click the Open button to import the fact find.


4. Click Client: Save (top-left) once you are ready to save the new client case.


Once saved, the client case will appear on the Open Client Record dialogue, in the list of clients on the My Clients or All Clients tab.


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