Your first client case - Four options for creating new client plans in Voyant

Consider your options

There are four options for creating client cases in Voyant.


Option 1. Enter your client's information directly into Voyant Adviser or AdviserGo

Enter your client’s information directly in AdviserGo or Voyant Adviser. Both products are available to you and you could even switch from one software to another depending on where you need to access the software and the level of detail you plan to delve into in the client case. However, we do not recommend entering client information using the two tools simultaneously. Select the tool that best suits your needs and situation to get started.


Which product you choose to use will likely depend on where you intended to use the software and the level of detail you intend to delve into in your client’s plan. AdviserGo is a great choice for simplicity and flexibility whereas Voyant Adviser is designed to be your comprehensive planning tool, ideal for in-depth planning and research, creating printable reports, and it can be used even when working offline

- AdviserGo is ideal for quick, simple, streamlined data entry. Moreover, it is browser-based, so it works on most any computer with an internet connection and a modern web browser. Step-by-step wizards also make the creation of “what-if” planning scenarios and running simulations simple and straightforward.
AdviserGo is also designed to work with Snapshot, our optional client-facing dashboard that retrieves the latest valuations from Morningstar, linked integration partners and other data providers for an up-to-date comparison of where your client is today to where they were at plan start and where they are projected to be at any future point in the plan.

- Voyant Adviser is our most comprehensive planning tool. It is ideal for entering, configuring and viewing more complex planning information including: pension drawdown strategies, scheduling future transfers between accounts, setting future steps (increases or decreases) in incomes, expenditures or contributions; ring-fencing funds or scheduling future withdrawals, and IHT planning. It is also the tool for creating printable reports.

Voyant Adviser is a Java-based software and it does require installation of both the software and Java LINK. It does not run on iOS (iPads and iPhones), Android and Chrome OS devices. Those operating systems do not support Java, which is required to run Voyant Adviser. However, Voyant Adviser does run on Windows and Mac OS computers and importantly, it can be used both online and off, provided the software is configured for offline access. Read more >>


Option 2. Import client information from an integration partner into Voyant

If you have an account with one of our integration partners, client information can be imported from them, provided that your account is configured with a connection to the integration service.
Further details and a complete list of our integration partners can be found here. Read more >>
Option 3. Use an importable fact find to collect and import information into Voyant

Due to GDPR compliance, Voyant can no longer support the importable, fillable PDF fact finds we once offered. Voyant can be responsible for the security of client data only after it is entered or imported into our software.

The mechanism for importing fact finds is, however, still available in the software. Firms who wish to fashion their own importable fact finds may do so. These documents must be fillable Adobe Acrobat PDF forms and the fields within them must be coded with Voyant data input values in order to be importable into the software.

If you would like to create your own fillable PDF fact find, please contact Voyant Support to request the original source documents. These documents contain the fields necessary to create a document that is importable into Voyant.

Option 4. Use VoyantGo with your client as a fact finding tool 
VoyantGo is an optional subscription add-on service that allows advisers to share plans with their clients. It can also be used as a fact finding tool. Advisers have the option to invite a client to begin entering their own information through VoyantGo, which the adviser could then use a foundation to develop a full financial plan. Read more >>