Your first client case - options for creating new client plans in Voyant **UK and Ireland**

Consider your options

There are three options for creating client cases in Voyant.

Option 1. Enter your client's information

Enter your client’s information directly in either AdviserGo or Voyant Adviser. Both products are available to you and you could even switch from one software to another depending on where you need to access the software and your preference. However, we do not recommend entering client information using the two tools simultaneously. 

- AdviserGo is our newest planning tool which is browser-based. It works on almost any computer with an internet connection and a modern web browser. AdviserGo is also designed to work with Snapshot, our optional client-facing dashboard that retrieves the latest valuations from Morningstar, linked integration partners and other data providers for an up-to-date comparison of where your client is today to where they were at plan start and where they are projected to be at any future point in the plan.

Read more >> about inputting a client case in AdviserGo.

- Voyant Adviser is our legacy planning tool. Voyant Adviser is a Java-based software and it does require installation of both the software and Java. It does not run on iOS (iPads and iPhones), Android and Chrome OS devices. Those operating systems do not support Java, which is required to run Voyant Adviser. However, Voyant Adviser does run on Windows and Mac OS computers and it can be used both online and offline, provided the software is configured for offline access. Read more >> about offline access.

Read more >> about inputting a client case in Voyant Adviser.


Option 2. Import client information from an integration partner

If you have an account with one of our integration partners, client information can be imported from them, provided that your account is configured with a connection to the integration service. Further details and a complete list of our integration partners can be found here: Read more >> about integrations.


Option 3. Use VoyantGo with your client as a fact finding tool

VoyantGo is an optional subscription add-on service that allows advisers to share plans with their clients. It can also be used as a fact finding tool. Advisers have the option to invite a client to begin entering their own information through VoyantGo, which the adviser could then use a foundation to develop a full financial plan. Read more >> about using VoyantGo to fact find.