Find and open existing client cases in AdviserGo

To find an existing client case, open AdviserGo, enter the client’s name and click Search.
Click ALL or a letter to browse the client cases linked directly to your user account. The client records shown will usually be cases that you have personally created, but colleagues may also grant your account co-ownership over cases they create.

To browse additional client cases – those you are permitted to access but which are not linked directly to your user account – enter a letter and click Search. 

Administrators, subscription owners, and in some cases advisers and paraplanners who are permitted to access all the client cases in their subscriptions can search by letter to browse all client records, including those not linked directly to their user accounts.

A padlock indicates a client record that is password protected individually. In Voyant Adviser, users have the option to password protect individual client records. This option is used, in most cases, by advisers who share most of their client information with colleagues. Perhaps an adviser has her own case entered in Voyant; a case containing personal details they would prefer to keep confidential. Password protecting a case individually makes it accessible only to the person who knows the password for that case.
Click on the case and you will be prompted to enter this password.
Note: Passwords can be managed, set and reset for individual cases in Voyant Adviser, on the Open Client Record Dialogue. Contact Voyant Support if you own a password protected record and need assistance with a forgotten password. Read more >>

Colour-coded icons displayed next to each client indicate your account’s level of access to the client case. For example, a green icon indicates a client case that either you created or a case to which a colleague granted your account co-ownership. A gold icon indicates a record you are permitted to access view and possibly edit (usually as a subscription manager, owner, or a user with all-client access) but one to which your account is not directly connected.
19.png    20.png
Note: The tool for sharing access to a client case with your colleagues can be found in Voyant Adviser. Read more >>
The people icons beside the name of each client indicate the number of clients in each case. An icon showing a single person indicates a case for a sole primary client (usually the person whose name is listed to the right) whereas a two-person icon indicates a case for a couple (the primary client and a spouse or partner).
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