Managing client invitations

Open AdviserGo and click My Invitations, top-left.
This tab will show the status of all the invitations in queue, including the invitation you just sent.
Displayed at along the top of the tab are total invitation counts for your subscription based on status. Each heading can be clicked to sort and filter the queue based on the status of the invitations.
Sent - The number of invitations sent to date but which remain unanswered, 
Pending - Invitations that clients have accepted (by clicking the link in the invitation email and entering the PIN code) but which still await the clients’ registration on our website;
Accepted – The number of clients who have accepted their invitations, registered on our website, and activated their accounts.
Once an invitation is sent, the number of invitations available in your subscription will be reduced by one.
An invitation slot is taken and a VoyantGo license is effectively reserved for your client regardless of whether your client registers and uses the associated VoyantGo license. This reservation remains in effect at least until you rescind the invitation or revoke the user’s access by deactivating their VoyantGo user account. Read more >>