Discrepancy between the number of invitations available and the number of VoyantGo (client) licenses used

Q - On the Voyant website my subscription shows only ten registered VoyantGo user accounts, whereas AdviserGo shows that I have no invitations available. Why the discrepancy?

A - The number of available client invitations in AdviserGo may not necessarily match the number of unused VoyantGo licenses available in your subscription.

For example, your firm could have 20 unused VoyantGo licenses but only 10 invitations available. This is because once an invitation is sent, an invitation slot is taken and a VoyantGo license is, effectively, reserved for your client regardless of whether they register and use the associated VoyantGo license. This reservation remains in effect at least until you revoke the invitation or revoke the user’s access by deactivating their VoyantGo account.






We do this to ensure you have enough licenses for all of your invited clients, so a client doesn’t respond to a an invitation only to discover that your firm is now out of AdviserGo licenses.


If you find your subscription is out of invitations:


1. The first thing to do would be to check for unused invitations and consider rescinding at least the ones that are the most longstanding.


2. If you find your clients have all accepted their invitations and are using VoyantGo, contact Voyant accounts and request to have another block of VoyantGo licenses added to your subscription.

3. A third option would be to deactivate any VoyantGo accounts that are no longer in use. Read more >>