Do clients see all the “what-if” plans (scenarios) created by an adviser?

Adviser created “what-if” plans (scenarios) are hidden by default. Advisers choose which plans a client is able to view and access. This is done initially during when inviting a client to access their case.




When you invite a client to access a plan you have created, as a step in the invitation process you will be prompted to select the plans/scenarios you would like your client to see.

At the very least, your client must be able to see their latest Base Plan, which is the foundation of their financial plan. What-if scenarios are hidden initially, by default.
To make an individual scenario visible, click the Read button next to it.
Or to display or hide all scenarios, click the tick box above the Read or Hidden column, respectively.
Note: Any work that you make visible to your client will be read-only, which keeps any work you’ve done to date on the plan unchanged.  Your client can still make changes and share information with you by creating editable working copies of the base plan or any of the visible scenarios.
Later, you can manage your client’s access to the scenarios in their financial at any time by simply opening the client case, clicking the waffle menu (lower-right) and clicking Client Permissions.
Set the scenarios as visible or hidden and click the check mark, bottom-right, to save your changes.


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