Does VoyantGo replace Voyant@Home?

Yes. Voyant@Home, our former client-facing product, is no longer supported. Clients who previously accessed their plans via Voyant@Home now have continued access through VoyantGo.


VoyantGo is designed to be a more streamlined user experience and offers step-by-step guides through most functions like creating what-if plans and running simulations. What's more, it is a pure web application that requires no supporting software, such as Java. All your client will need to run VoyantGo is the latest version of a common web browser and an internet connection. There is no need to install Java, which could often be a technical sticking point with Voyant@Home. Read more about what clients need to run VoyantGo.


True, VoyantGo is a streamlined product. Some more advanced, technical features -- e.g. stepping items up or down, editing assumptions, adding complex protection policies and pension drawdown strategies -- which are found in Voyant Adviser and that were once included in Voyant @Home are intentionally omitted from VoyantGo. The idea being to keep VoyantGo approachable, straightforward and user friendly. Advisers can still edit and add more complex planning to client cases using Voyant Adviser, our comprehensive companion software, which has all of these features.


An overview of the features in VoyantGo and AdviserGo can be found in our quick start guide. View guide >>