Application Preferences - Play Sounds, how to switch sounds off or on in Voyant Adviser

Voyant Adviser makes a number of sounds. Chimes ring as the Let's See glides into view and the warm "ka-ching" of an old fashioned cash register greets each new item you enter in the plan.  While some users may find these sounds engaging, charming or even useful, they lead an equal number of us to distraction.

Luckily, sounds can be switched on or off easily in the software's Preferences.

To change the sound settings in Voyant Adviser:

1. Open the software and select and open any client.



2. Click the Preferences button (the cog top-left). This will take you to the Preferences screen.



3. On the left side of the Preferences screen, under System Preferences, expand the Application Preferences panel.



4. Untick Play Sounds to switch off the software's sounds. Or to switch sounds on, tick this check box.



5. To save this change, scroll down and click the Apply button, bottom-right, or click OK when prompted to confirm and save your updated preferences.

Note: This preference will be saved for your user account on the computer on which you are currently working. You may need to set it again if you use Voyant on a different computer.