ARCHIVE - Resize Text Display - How to adjust the size of text and other items onscreen in Voyant Adviser **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

The display of text and other items on screen, such as buttons, can be resized within Voyant Adviser without requiring any changes to your computer’s overall screen resolution. Display adjustments can be made for computer monitors that run at ultra-high resolutions, which often render the text tiny, or to help anyone who may be struggling to view the software or for those who simply prefer a larger text format. 



Voyant and other applications that are not native to Windows can, in some cases, become small and difficult to read on very high resolution monitors. Microsoft Surface tablets, for example, run at an ultra-high screen resolution of 2736 x 1824. Native Microsoft applications such as Word or Excel are automatically adjusted for size on these monitors whereas other applications, such as Voyant, may not always be adjusted.

After initially loading the software, a screen resolution check is performed and Voyant will attempt to adjust its display size accordingly. This automatic adjustment is usually effective but not foolproof, as sometimes the Windows operating system will pass inaccurate screen resolution information to Java. It should be noted that this has not been an issue, at least to date, with the Apple OS.



If after opening Voyant you find its display too small, difficult to read or buttons are missing as they are 'off screen':

1. Open any client record.

Note: You must be able to open a client record (any client record) in order to access the software’s preferences. If you are opening Voyant for the first time and are experiencing screen display issues but have yet to create a client record, you may contact Voyant support for assistance adjusting the software’s display.

2. Click Preferences (the cog button) top-left.


3. In the System Preferences on the left side of the screen, expand Application Preferences.

4. Drag the text display slider to the right or left to increase or decrease the size of text within the software.

The display slider shows an approximation of the software’s current text display (the first uppercase A) and how much larger its text may become once adjusted. The uppercase A to the far right side of the slider approximates the largest possible text size. You may move the slider to any point between the first A and the last.

Note: Text size adjustments will only be made within Voyant and will not change your computer’s screen resolution.

5. Be sure to click the Set Text Size button to save your adjustments. If you don’t click this button your adjustments will not be saved.


6. Click Yes if prompted to save these changes to your preferences.

The software must be closed and reopened for these adjustments to take effect.

7. Click the X button, top-right, to close Voyant.

8. Reopen Voyant and sign in.

9. Confirm whether the text display is now suitable.

Resizing the software’s display is usually an exercise in trial and error. If the adjusted text size remains too small or becomes too large, repeat the steps above. Open any client record, go to Preferences, reposition the text slider, be sure to click the Set Text Size button, and then close and reopen the software to view the results.

Note: Adjustments are made and saved on a per-computer, per-user account basis. If you were to open Voyant on a different computer that also has an ultra-high screen resolution and you find the display of the software to be far too small, you may need to make similar text size adjustments for your user account on that computer.


How to manually readjust the size of dialogue boxes

If after making display adjustments you find that some of the text is now cut off in the software's dialogue boxes, you may need to manually readjust the size of the dialogue to bring the text into full view.

Dialogue boxes have default dimensions, which the software may exceed as you increase the size of its text.

When this happens, the software will usually display scroll bars. To adjust the dimensions of a dialogue, click, drag and drop the bottom-right corner of the dialogue box down and to the right until the text comes into full view. 


Special considerations for rebranding customers

If your firm subscribes to Voyant’s optional rebranding (white labelling) service and after making text size adjustments you find that your firm’s logo (top-left) remains disproportionally small, it may be that we need to add a higher resolution logo image to your firm’s rebrand of the software. Please contact Voyant Support for further assistance if you find this to be the case.


Other display settings

If you run Voyant at lower resolutions such as 1024 x 768, a common resolution for older projectors, we recommend that you use pop-up dialogues (shown below, left) rather than inline panels (shown below, right) to display advanced settings.


To change this display preference: 

1. Sign into the software and open any client record. 

2. Click Preferences (the cog button) top-left.


3. In the System Preferences on the left side of the screen, expand Application Preferences.

4. Tick “Edit advanced details in pop out dialogs”.

5. Click Yes if prompted to save these changes to your preferences.


First Published 05 January 2016, Release 4.1.2 (r26139)


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