Can our firm's own bespoke set of market assumptions be added to the software?

Q - I notice that Voyant comes packaged with its own set of market assumptions. In the UK, these are provided by Dimensional Fund Advisors. Could our firm add its own set of market assumptions (define its own asset classes) in the Voyant software?

A - Yes. As a company, Voyant is a software provider, not a data provider. We package the software with default assumptions from a third-party provider. We do this so you can begin using all of the software's functionality immediately, without being required to source a set of market assumptions first.

The software is completely configurable, however, if your firm would prefer instead to use its own set of market assumptions and asset classes. Many firms do customize the software with assumptions that match the investments they recommend and conversations they have with their clients.

Two options are available for adding new sets of market assumptions (which also define asset classes) to the Voyant software.
Option 1 - Add custom market assumptions to your firm's rebrand of Voyant
Firms can provide Voyant their own proprietary or preferred sets of market assumptions and asset classes, which can then be released to their entire user base (including advisers and their clients) via a rebranded version of the Voyant software. This is managed as part of our optional rebranding/white labelling service. Please contact Voyant Support ( with enquiries about rebranding.
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Option 2 - Add custom market assumptions to the software manually
Individual advisers can load their own market assumptions, asset classes, and asset allocations into the Voyant software manually. These market assumptions and assets classes will be available only to the individual user. Whenever a plan is created using customised market assumptions and asset classes, these become associated with the plan and will continue to be used when the plan is shared with clients or colleagues.
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