ARCHIVE - Preferences - Enable risk profile settings **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

The “Enable Risk Profile Settings” setting activates or deactivates the various features in the software that show an asset allocation’s risk as it compares to your client’s attitude toward risk – i.e. risk score. Currently, to get a risk score recorded for your client in Voyant, you would need to be using our optional integration with FinaMetrica. The integration itself is free to activate, but you would need a subscription to FinaMetrica.





Investment risk is assessed based on the asset mix itself, the asset classes and their risk weightings, which are found in preferences under Market Assumptions > Risk Score. If the market assumptions you use have no risk scores, that is effectively the same as having “Enable Risk Profile Settings” unticked (deactivated)

If you don’t use FinaMetrica, you could probably ignore this setting, leaving it ticked, as it only comes into play when we have a risk score for the client.

If you were to untick this setting, you would not see the following risk-related features in the software.

The following images show the risk profile related functionality in the software that would be switched off (hidden) if this preference were unticked.












About the FinaMetrica risk profile integration

Voyant offers a free integration with FinaMetrica, meaning that for no additional charge, we can switch on their risk profiling service within our software. This service allows you to compare your client's attitude towards risk, as calculated by Finametrica, to their investment mix, either at the overall plan level or by individual investment, based on how each investment is allocated to various asset classes. The integration is designed to help advisers demonstrate why a client might need to take less risk or more depending on their need for return and their attitude towards risk.

For users with this integration, an additional 'Risk Profile' screen appears in the left hand menu. It is on this screen that risk profile questionnaires can be answered or imported from FinaMetrica. The results of these profiles can also be viewed and managed on this screen.

The following video offers a high level description of how the service appears in our software and how it can be used. View video >>


Plan Preferences vs. System Preferences

Changes to this setting on the mirror Risk Profile Settings panel in System Preferences, on the left side of the screen, will be used only going forward, as you create new client cases. System Preferences are used as a template only for new client cases. Changes to System Preferences will not retroactively affect your existing client cases.

If you want to change this preference in any existing client cases, you will need to open and edit them individually, in each case's Plan Preferences.