ARCHIVE - Application Preferences - Automatically expand advanced settings **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Required entries are displayed above the fold in the center of the data entry screens in Voyant Adviser. Other advanced and conditional settings are usually rolled up under expandable panels, the most common of which is called Advanced Settings. We keep these various settings and options from view, at least initially, to keep data entry from appearing too complicated, daunting.  

The option is available, however, to automatically expand all of the software's advanced settings panels, bringing their settings into immediate view whenever you visit the screen.

This preference, "Automatically Expand Advanced Settings" is found on the Preferences screen (accessed by clicking the cog button, top-left), under Application Preferences.


For example, normally the Pensions > Money Purchase screen (in our UK release) would display as shown below, with the advanced settings panels collapsed, hiding the various advanced settings beneath them.




With the "Automatically Expand Advanced Settings" preference ticked, the same screen would display with these panels automatically expanded.



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