ARCHIVE - Application Preferences - Edit advanced settings in pop-out dialogues **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Voyant Adviser is normally set to display advanced settings in pop-out dialogues. For example, if on the Investments screen we were to click Advanced Settings > Growth & Yield, the related settings would display in a separate dialogue that pops up middle screen, as shown below.




The option is also available, however, to display these settings inline, in a series of expandable and collapsible panels. This preference, "Edit Advanced Settings in Popout Dialogues" is found on the Preferences screen (accessed by clicking the cog button, top-left), under Application Preferences.


If we were to untick this setting, return to the Investments screen and again click Advanced Settings > Growth & Yield, the growth and yield settings would appear on an expanded inline panel, as shown below, rather than in a pop-out dialogue.



Considerations for computers running at lower screen resolutions

If you run Voyant on a computer set at lower resolutions such as 1024 x 768, a common resolution for older projectors, we recommend that you use pop-up dialogues (shown below, left) rather than inline panels (shown below, right) to display advanced settings.


To change this display preference: 

1. Sign into the software and open any client record. 

2. Click Preferences (the cog button) top-left.


3. In the System Preferences on the left side of the screen, expand Application Preferences.

4. Tick “Edit advanced details in pop out dialogs”.

5. Click Yes if prompted to save these changes to your preferences.


First Published 05 January 2016, Release 4.1.2 (r26139)


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