Access the Intelligent Office (Intelliflo) integration in Voyant Adviser and import client information

To use the Voyant integration with Intelligent Office, you must have active user accounts with both Voyant (as a subscriber or trialist) and Intelliflo. You must also first contact both Voyant and Intelliflo to have this service switched on by both providers. Read more >>

Once the integration service has been activated by both parties, you can then begin using the integration to update your existing client records in Voyant with information from Intelligent Office or to build entirely new financial plans using client information imported from Intelligent Office as the plan's foundation.

1. To begin importing client information from Intelligent Office, first open Voyant Adviser and sign in.
Voyant Adviser can be opened by clicking on your desktop link to the software. If you are Windows user, the software can also be found in the Start menu, bottom-left, in the list of programs.
01c.png     01b.png
If you don't have Voyant Adviser installed (or you don't see a link to the software), visit our website and install it.  Read more >>
Remember, you must have Java installed to run Voyant Adviser.
Note: While it is true that Voyant Adviser can be used both online and off, you must beonline for the Intelliflo integration to work because client data is being pulled over from their system into Voyant.
After clicking through the initial screens, the Open Client Record dialogue will display (as shown below).
Here you have the choice:
- Use the integration either to update an existing client record or
- Build a new client case using information imported from Intelligent Office.
Option A - Create a new client record using information imported from Intelligent Office:
Click Import.
Option B - Update an existing client record with information imported from Intelligent Office:
First, select the client record you intend to update.
Then click Import.
Next, click the green button choose Intelligent Office (Intelliflo) as the import source.

The first time you connect to Intelliflo via Voyant you will be asked to enter your Intelliflo (not Voyant) user name and password. Once entered, your credentials will authenticated with Intelliflo and then saved (cached) for return visits. You may be prompted to reenter your credentials, however, if on subsequent attempts logging in there is an error or a timeout when connecting with Intelliflo.

Again, you must be working online (with an internet connection) for Voyant to connect to Intelliflo.
Note: If you receive an authentication error when attempting to sign in, please contact your Intelligent Office account manager to ensure that the service is also set up and active on their end. If you are unable to contact your IO account manager, please contact their support team for further assistance.
• Telephone: 0845 230 3700
• Email address: