What are the benefits of using Asset Allocation to model investment growth?

Voyant calculates the growth of investments and money purchase pensions using either a fixed annual growth rate or by applying market assumptions to allocated sets of assets in model portfolios - i.e. asset allocations. The software will calculate the return on a model portfolio using the % invested in each asset class and the average returns, standard deviations and correlation coefficients for those asset classes as input in Preferences > Market Assumptions. Voyant comes packaged with a set of assumptions provided by Dimensional Fund Advisors; however, these can be customised. For more information on market assumptions click here.

Some Voyant simulations, including Efficient Frontier, Historical and Monte Carlo, are only available if asset allocations are enabled for at least some of the investments or pensions in the plans.

If you use asset allocation for at least some of the investments, the Asset Allocation Overview screen will be available. This provides an overall asset allocation of the client's assets. If using the optional FinaMetrica integration, there will be a comparison of this overall asset allocation with the client's risk comfort.


There is also the functionality to optimise the asset allocation:



Model asset allocation portfolios can be added by our rebranding team to white-labelled versions of Voyant. For example, if a business wishes to offer its Voyant users the option to choose a preconfigured “Morningstar – Low Risk Income” asset allocation portfolio, this model asset allocation could be provided to Voyant for addition to the subscription’s configuration. Once added, this model portfolio will become available to the subscription’s entire user base. A business can provide any number of model asset allocation portfolios to Voyant, for addition to their white-label. For more information on this click here.


If you do not have a white-labelled version of Voyant, you can add model portfolios manually. For detail of how to do this click here. Note that model portfolios are stored locally on each computer, so are not instantly accessible to all users within the subscription. However, they can be shared with colleagues, just follow the instructions in this link.

For details of how to add model portfolios to investments and pensions, please click here.