ARCHIVE - How to import a risk profile from FinaMetrica **AdviserGo, UK and Ireland**

For a quick overview of the features of the FinaMetrica bolt-on, you may wish to visit the introductory video on the Voyant UK You Tube channel. 

Once you have an active link between FinaMetrica and Voyant, a “Risk Profile” link will display in the left hand menu of Voyant Adviser. Click this link to visit the “FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Profile” screen. On this screen you can complete risk profile questionnaires and retrieve risk tolerance scorings from FinaMetrica via Voyant Adviser. 




Bear in mind that you must have an active internet connection for Voyant Adviser to connect to FinaMetrica. Any risk profile questionnaires completed offline will be saved so that results can be retrieved from FinaMetrica at a later time, once online. Once risk tolerance scorings are received for FinaMetrica, completed reports can be retrieved online or off.

Current or Longtime FinaMetrica Subscriber?  How to Import Risk Profiles in Four Easy Steps

Advisers can also import FinaMetrica risk profiles into Voyant Adviser, adding them to select client files for investment to risk analysis, reports and ongoing future edits.

  1. Log into the FinaMetrica website. Select the "Export to CSV" button.



  1. Export your client files (within a CSV file) to an easy to find location on your computer.



  1. Open your client's plan in Voyant Adviser. Select the Risk Profile link and click the Import button next to the name of the client.



4. Voyant Adviser will parse your master file of legacy FinaMetrica risk profiles. Select your client's profile and click Import.


The selected risk profile will be attached to your client's record and can be maintained in Voyant Adviser going forward. Repeat these steps for other clients who have legacy FinaMetrica risk profiles.



Additional Details for Voyant and/or FinaMetrica Trialists


In the future, to continue using this service you will need to continue to have three items activated:


- An active subscription to Voyant Adviser.

- An active subscription to FinaMetrica.

- Voyant’s bolt-on integration service.