New Users - Available Resources for Learning Voyant

For new Voyant users, here is a list of the resources we have compiled to help you get started and which you can use to advance your knowledge thereafter. 

  1. We have a dedicated section on our website for new users which includes a wealth of information to help you get started, including how to load the software. You will find it here: "First Steps, resources to get you started." 
  2. We hold a monthly live webinar on Thursdays to demonstrate how to input a basic plan. To register for it click here. There is no limit to how many times you attend these webinars. Feel free to register for the session(s) you plan to attend. They are a great way to familiarise yourself with the various input screens. 
  3. There are a number of recorded webinars on our website which can be found in our video libary here. 
  4. In addition to helpful documents and webinars, we have a very comprehensive knowledge base where you can search for topics that you’d like more information. 
  5. There is the option whilst you are in a client plan to request help. You will find it by clicking on the “?” at the top left of the Voyant screen, a pre-completed support request will be generated so that all you need to do is explain in the message what you need help with and a support colleague will contact you to help you progress your plan.
  6. We hold face to face training sessions around the country. If you would like to join us, we split the day into two sessions, the morning as an introduction to building plans and in the afternoon we use a number of case studies to showcase other elements of the software. You can see our upcoming training sessions as well as register for them here.
  7. If you would like to discuss a bespoke training solution for your firm we are able to advise and implement a range of the above solutions specifically for your team and can provide an outline of the costs. Email us and we will contact you to discuss.
  8. Finally, if you would like to speak to someone about your plan please feel free to call through to our support team on 0208 090 3601 Mon-Fri 9-5pm and we will be more than happy to help you further.