Subscription Preferences - How to change the Plan Settings in an existing client to the subscription defaults

When you customise your Subscription Preferences, only new client records use these by default. Existing client records retain the Plan Settings which were applied when the plan was originally built.

When you open an existing client record after the Subscription Preferences have been customised, a message will appear stating that the Plan Settings are out of date. 


Generally, we recommend that you update the start date of the plan before updating the Plan Settings.

1. Click the name of the plan you wish to update, then click Manage Plans. Work through the update and promote process (how to update the start date of a plan), setting a new start date, entering current fund values etc.  This will lock your previous plan, keeping the original fund values and the plan settings that were used when it was originally built. 

2. Having completed the update and promote process, you have a new 'active' Base plan. Click Go to Plan Settings on the Plan Settings out of date banner message.

3. On the Plan Settings page click the Reset arrow next to the words Plan Settings, then click the Reset button.


4. Check all of the Plan Settings screens to make sure they are the assumptions you wish to use.


Tip, resetting plan settings when using custom market assumptions - if the existing client record uses custom market assumptions resetting the Plan Settings to use custom Subscription Preferences, will re-set the Market Assumptions to the system default (either the Voyant default or your white label's default). You can change the Market Assumptions back to the custom market assumptions in Plan Settings > Market Assumptions. Instructions can be found here.


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