ARCHIVE - Running Voyant Adviser on tablets - iPads, Android and Windows tablets **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Will Voyant Adviser work on tablets?

Tablets that support the full version of Windows or Mac OS X can run Voyant Adviser natively, both online and offline, the key being that the operating system must support the full version of Java (the Java Runtime Environment).

Some telephony-oriented operating systems, which were designed for tablets and phones, not laptop and desktop computers, do not support Java and therefore cannot run Voyant Adviser natively.

These operating systems include:

- Apple's iOS, which is used on iPads and iPhones;
- The Android operating system, which runs only a deprecated version of Java;
- The pared down tablet-only version of Windows called Windows RT.

However, you might consider using a third-party remote desktop application such as SplashTop to access Voyant Adviser via your tablet, remotely, from on a computer that can run Java.



Use AdviserGo on any tablet

Also consider AdviserGo as an alternative software for use on tablets. AdviserGo is a fully web-based, completely tablet-friendly software. It will work on any computer (tablet, PC or desktop) that runs a recent release of a standard web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, with an internet connection that permits access to the Voyant website. 

If you subscribe to or are trialing the standard release of Voyant Adviser, then AdviserGo already comes packaged with your subscription. You can access it today. Read more >>