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We generate reports in a Word format and send them to our clients. Some have reported that images are missing from these reports. When sending reports, we simply go to the reports output directory, find the .doc (Word) file, attach it to an email and send it. 

I also notice that when I open and save a Word file it defaults to save as a .htm file, which is an HTML format. 

How can I send the complete reports to clients and other recipients? 



Voyant technically creates word reports in something like an HTML page and like a web page, images are linked into it. If you open a report on a computer that carries these images - i.e. the computer on which the report was generated - the document will appear as a cohesive whole while in fact the images are being linked into the document. 



The solution is simple enough, provided you are running a version of Word later than Office Word 2003 (11.0). Open the document and save it as a .docx file. This is the latest Word file format, which essentially zips everything up, images and text, into a single cohesive file that can be emailed to anyone. 

1. Simply open the Word report. This may be the report you have the software set to open automatically after generating it from Voyant's Reports screen. It will open as a .htm file.

2. In Word, click File > Save As.

3. Save the file in a Word Document (.docx) format.

This format will embed all of the linked images into a single file, making the complete document "sendable" to other people.

4. Send this .docx file, not the original .doc or .htm file to the recipient.

Additional Notes

This change of format is not necessary for PDF or Excel documents and isn’t necessary if the file is being kept and viewed on the same computer on which the reports were generated.

If you are using an earlier version of Word you may need to upgrade because the .docx format won't be an option. 

The .docx file format is available Office Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013 and should be available as part of any future releases.


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