ARCHIVE - What is Offline Synchronization? Offline mode and offline passcodes **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Q - After I install and open Voyant for the first time, I am asked whether I would like to enable offline synchronization. What is offline synchronisation  and what is an offline passcode?

A - Voyant Adviser normally operates using a live internet connection. But the software can also be run in offline mode when no internet connection is available. Travelling to visit a client? Take Voyant Adviser on a laptop and use the software to create, present or update a financial plan regardless of internet availability.

After downloading and first opening Voyant Adviser, you will be asked whether you want to have access to client files when running the software offline.  Select Yes if you plan to use Voyant Adviser to access client information, at least occasionally, in the offline mode. Click Next.


As an additional security precaution, an offline passcode (password) is used to encrypt client files and authenticate user credentials when Voyant Adviser is used offline. Enter a passcode that is at least six characters long. This passcode can match your Voyant user account password. The code will be encrypted and stored safely on your computer. Bear in mind that like Voyant passwords, offline passcodes are also case-sensitive.


Note that this passcode can later be changed and offline mode enabled or disabled, if necessary, by accessing Preferences. 

Click the Preferences button (the cog) in the top-left corner of the software's navigation.



Preferences are arranged into a series of expandable panels. Expand Application Preferences to view the offline mode settings.



For Further Reading

For more information on offline mode, view our offline guide.


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