ARCHIVE - Unable to delete an event? Why some events cannot be deleted. **AdviserGo, UK and Ireland**

Certain events cannot be deleted. The icons for these special events are usually surrounded with a perforated box, with future Birth events being the exception. If you attempt to select and delete such an event (by clicking the DELETE key on your keyboard) an error will display stating, “That event cannot be deleted”. 

In most cases these events were originally added to the timeline by the software, based on the information you entered about your clients when first setting up the case using the the plan creation wizard.

The timing of these events can be changed by repositioning the events on the timeline but the events themselves cannot be deleted.

These default events include:

• Start - Marks the starting point of the plan and of the planning timeline. The date/year of the start event can be changed by updating the start date but the Start event cannot be deleted. 


• Mortality - Created for the client and linked to the mortality event of the client's spouse or partner. Mortality marks the end of the planning timeline and cannot be deleted. 


• Birth - In rarer cases, a client may wish to plan for the future birth of a child or grandchild. If you add a person to a plan who has a future year of birth, a future Birth event will be added to the timeline for that person. 



Events used as stage boundaries cannot be deleted as long as the function as a boundary event

Events also cannot be deleted if they have been chosen to define the start or end of a stage. A stage boundary event could, however, be replaced with another to act as the boundary of the stage. The stage itself could also be deleted. In either case, once an event is no longer being used a stage boundary it could then be deleted.

The most common example of a stage boundary is Retirement, which created for the client and linked to the retirement event of the client's spouse or partner, provided that neither are already retired at the beginning of the plan. 

Retirement events for couples are actually linked together by a special Link event that floats over the two events, meaning that the Retirement stage could be set to begin when either he or she retires, whichever of the two happens last or perhaps first. The Mortality events for a couple are also linked together and set the end of the planning timeline.  


How to delete a future Birth event

Future Birth events are added to the timeline whenever a person, usually a future child or grandchild, is added to the plan with a future year of birth.

A future child or grandchild could be added when first setting up the client case using the plan creation wizard or on the People screen. 

A future Birth event can only be deleted from the timeline by deleting the related person from the plan.

Individuals other the primary client (the client file's namesake) can be deleted on the People screen.


First, select the person in the People panel, which is located to the right side of the screen. 

Click Delete this Person

Note: If the person you are deleting has any accounts or assets associated with him or her (unlikely for a future child, but nonetheless), you may be prompted to delete or reassign ownership of these items before being allowed to delete the person from the plan. 

When a future child or grandchild is deleted from a plan, their future birth event will also be deleted automatically from the timeline.