Let's See - Where to view and track final salary benefits in the Let's See charts

View Final Salary benefits on the Let's See Charts

To view the transactional details for any year in a plan, go to the Let's See charts.

Click any bar of the chart and the chart legend will display. Click the Detailed Info link at the bottom of the legend.

The chart details panel will appear. The tabs along the top of the panel allow you to view different details for the selected year. Click the Cash Flow tab to view all of the cash flows for the selected year, including incomes, planned withdrawals (such as tax-free cash, as in the screen shot below) and transfers (e.g. sideways movements from/to savings, investment or pension accounts).

If one now selects the Pensions tab (still within Detailed Info) one can view additional details regarding the value of the crystallised final salary benefits towards the Lifetime Allowance (LTA).

Finally, within Detailed Info, one will also be able to cross-reference the income from the final salary scheme, as shown under the Cash Flow tab, with that information which is presented under the Taxes tab.