Screen sharing tools - Other options for presenting plans to clients remotely

Q - I like the idea of Voyant Go but I don't want to take on an added service or have my clients edit the plans I have created for them. I really only want to share client cases with a few, select clients only for purposes of presentation. Are there other options for presenting cases to clients remotely? 

A - Voyant Go is intended to allow your clients to have ownership, at least in part, over the plan you have created for them. Unless you lock the plans in a client case, rendering them read-only (a setting found in the Manage Plans section of the software), you client will be able to edit their case. Granted, you could always revert back to an earlier saved version of the case, if this is a problem. Version history is found in Manage Plans > View Versions. Opening and then saving an older version will effectively revert the plan to a copy of this older verison of the client case. Your client's changes will be stored and available in the version history, but your copy of this earlier version of the case will become the latest saved version that appears when the client file is opened.

This said, if you simply want to present a plan to a client remotely, a screen sharing tool may be a better bet. 

We don’t officially endorse third-party brands but we have used various screen sharing tools in the past and currently use WebEx for our webinars.  

Join.Me appears to be a solid, cost-effective tool. GoToMeeting is also a popular choice. There are numerous tools and services available on the market.