ARCHIVE - Preferences - Start screen. Setting the software to open to the client's timeline **AdviserGo, UK and Ireland**

Voyant can be set to display one of three screens initially as you first open client cases:

Time (the timeline),


Overview (the General plan overview), 


or the Let's See charts (the cash flow chart). 


You have the option to set this default open screen depending on how you typically structure conversations with your clients. 

1. To set the default start screen, click the Preferences button, the cog top-left. 

In order to access the software's Preferences you must first select an open a client case (any client case). 


2. On the left side of the screen, under System Preferences, expand the lowermost panel - Application Preferences

It is on the Application Preferences panel that you will find settings related to how the software itself runs, such as settings to enable or disable sounds and offline synchronisation (offline mode). 


3. Locate the Start Screen setting and select the desired default start screen from the adjacent drop-down list.

For example, to have the software display the timeline initially whenever you first open a client case, select Timeline


4. To save this change, scroll down and click the Apply button, bottom right. 


Note: This system preference is stored locally on the computer on a per-user basis. 

With the Start Screen setting set to Timeline, you will now see the Time screen initially when you first open a client case.