Release Notes - View notes from software updates past and present

Release notes contain current and past announcements of updates, fixes and other release related information and they can be especially useful if you want to know when/if we've added a new tax or pension related rule in the software. 

Notes will appear automatically after a new release of the software is installed automatically to your computer. They can also be viewed at any time, either by visiting our release notes webpage or within the software itself. 

To view our current and past release notes, first open Voyant and then select and open any client record. 

1. Click the Voyant logo top-left or your firm's logo, if you use a rebranded version of the software.


2. Click View Release Notes.


Our most recent release notes will be shown. 


4. If you want to view notes from older releases, click View in Browser, bottom-right.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click to view "Release notes for earlier versions of Voyant".