Offline Mode - Activate offline mode and update your offline passcode

How to set up offline mode and enter an offline passcode

Voyant normally operates using a live internet connection. However, Voyant can also be run in offline mode when or where no internet connection is available. Travelling to visit a client? Take Voyant on a laptop and use the software to create, present, and update a financial plan regardless of internet availability.

Offline mode is simple to use but don’t run afoul of the seven day offline usage limit, forget an offline passcode, fail to synchronise with our servers before or after working offline, or forget to setup offline mode before needing it. Setup takes seconds and if you follow the twelve best practices, operating offline should be trouble free.


Option 1 - Set up offline mode when installing Voyant

After downloading and first opening Voyant, you will be asked whether you want to have access to client files when running Voyant offline. Select Yes if you plan to use Voyant to access client information, at least occasionally, in the offline mode.

As an additional security precaution, a passcode (offline password) is used to encrypt client files and authenticate user credentials when Voyant is used in offline.

Enter a passcode that is at least six characters long. This passcode can later be changed and offline mode enabled or disabled, if necessary, by accessing Preferences in the lower left corner of the screen. Expand Application Preferences to view the offline mode settings.


Later, as you bring your computer online again, client files will be automatically synchronized with Voyant’s remote hosting environment. Synchronization allows client information to be accessed from any computer – at home, in the office or on the go – without ever transferring files from computer to computer.

With offline mode enabled as an option, you will be prompted to enter a passcode whenever Voyant detects that an internet connection is unavailable. This passcode will allow you to log into the software and access client files locally when the Voyant server cannot be reached.


Option 2 - Set up offline mode and update your offline passcode anytime after installing Voyant

To view and update settings related to running Voyant offline, click the desktop link to open Voyant, sign in, and click and open any client record. 

1. Click the Preferences button (the cog) in the top-left corner of the software's navigation.


Preferences are arranged into a series of expandable panels.

2. In the System Preferences on the left side of the screen, expand the Application Preferences panel.

3. Tick the Enable offline mode checkbox to allow the software to be used offline.


4. Enter an Offline Passcode of at least 6 characters and reenter it to confirm the passcode. Note: Passcodes are case sensitive. This passcode could match your Voyant password. 

5. Click the Apply button in the bottom-right corner of the Preferences screen to save these changes.


Offline mode is enabled and passcodes are stored on computers individually, by user account

Offline mode is enabled for computers individually. If you will be possibly using Voyant offline on multiple computers, be certain to enable offline mode and set the offline passcode for your account on each of these computers.

Offline passcodes are also stored on computers by user account. For example, if you use a laptop that is shared by other Voyant users at your firm, your offline passcode is usable only when logging in using your user account. If another user needs to use the software offline on the same computer, using their own user account, he or she would need to set an offline passcode for their own account.


Be sure to test offline access at least once before you actually need it in the field

After you have first enabled offline mode, try testing it. Read more >>



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