ARCHIVE - Delete an event **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Delete an Event 

If after adding an event you wish to delete it:

1. Go to the Time screen.

2. Select the event's icon in the timeline at the bottom of this screen.


3. Press the DELETE key on your keyboard. 

4. Click Yes when prompted to confirm the deletion. 

Note: Should you need to delete an event while working on a MacBook Pro, which does not have a Delete key, use the FN+Backspace keys. 


Some Events Cannot be Deleted

You may notice that some events have icons surrounded by a perforated box. These events are used as stage boundaries and cannot be deleted, at least not while still being used to bookend a stage. Moreover, the Start, Mortality and in the case of a future child, a future Birth event are created by the software and cannot be deleted. Read more >>


Errors After Deleting an Event

Exercise caution when deleting events. You may see errors in your plan if you delete an event that is being used to time an expense, the purchase or sale of a property, a scheduled step or transfer, or the crystallisation or annuitisation of a pension. In most cases these errors are links that, when clicked, will take you to the item in the plan that needs repair. These errors can be resolved for adding and/or selecting another event for timing. 

For example, we deleted an event that is being used to time a one-off milestone expense, the future purchase of a Porsche. 


A moment later, we went to view the Let's See charts and the following error message appeared. 

We clicked OK. To view the source of the problem, we visited a data entry screen. Any data entry screen will do - e.g. Employment or Expenses. 

The error (or possibly errors) will appear at the bottom of the screen and in most cases will be a clickable link. 

Tip - Always be sure to read the error message. Quite often these messages are appropriately descriptive, although in rarer cases they can be somewhat cryptic. 

We clicked the error to jump directly to the item that needs to be corrected in the plan. In this case the milestone expense for future purchase of the Porsche no longer has an event to schedule this future purchase. We could click New Event at the bottom-right of the Time panel, to add another event or select one of the events already on the Time panel, provided that it is positioned in an appropriate year of the plan. 

You also have the option to click the X (delete) button to the right of the error, but please be careful when doing so. Clicking the X will in many cases delete the item in question. Deleting the item will indeed remove the error, but removing the item itself may not be your intent. Pay close attention to the prompt before ever clicking Yes. 



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