Liquidation Limits - How to restore Liquidation Limits to the system default, allowing maximum withdrawals (only if needed) from the start of the plan

How to Restore Liquidation Limits to the System Default, Allowing Maximum Withdrawals from Start

1. Go to the Investments or Savings screen and in the ledger on the right side of the screen, select the account on which liquidation limits are to be removed. 

2. Expand the Advanced Settings > Liquidation Limits and Planned Withdrawals panel.

3. The Liquidation Limits Only button should already be selected by default. If you have a Planned Withdrawals selected, you may leave it in place.

4. Next to the Yearly Withdrawals Limit, set the liquidation limit to "Maximum", which means the system can take up to the maximum amount available from the account, only if needed, to help fulfill expenses.

5. In the Start Allowing Draw Downs drop-down menu, select the Start event.