The Chart Details Panel - View all of the annual transactional details including expenses, inflows, account balances and taxes

A variety of options are available for viewing and resizing the chart details panel. These features are particularly useful when viewing the Let's See charts in the Dual Charts or Compare Plans modes or when running Simulations, most of which present results in dual chart views. The chart details panel is an especially important feature because here you can view all of a plan's annual transactional information, including cash inflows and outflows, expenses, savings, and taxes.

View Dual Chart Details Panels

When viewing the charts in the dual chart mode, an X2 option will display on the chart legend.

The X2 option displays details panels for both the upper and lower charts, allowing you to compare all of the transactional details from both charts, whereas the Detailed Info link will only display the chart details panel for the selected upper or lower chart.

Since viewing two details panels simultaneously can cover most of the charts beneath, Nextand Previous links are available on the panels for moving year-by-year, up or down the planning timeline.


To close the details panels and return to the simple chart legend, click the (close) button in the top-right corner or the Simple link at the bottom of either the upper or lower details panel.

The details panels will close and the simple chart legend will display.

The information presented on some tabs of the chart details panel can be quite extensive. To better view longer lists of items such as expenses, drag and bottom edge of the panel to resize it vertically.

Click the Reset Size link to restore the details panel to its original size.