ARCHIVE - Empty string error message when importing custom market assumptions **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**


I get an "empty string" error message when attempting to import our custom market assumptions. When I go to Preferences > Market Assumptions > click Create > click Load from File and then attempt to load our market assumptions and correlation coefficient file. 





A string error usually indicates that there are fields (between commas) with null data are in your .CSV file(s). An example of a CSV file with null spaces between commas is shown below (highlighted in blue), as viewed in the Notepad text editing software. 





You probably won't be able to see these null cells if viewing the files in Excel, so open your files in a text editor, such as note pad. You will likely need to select the All Files option to find and open your .csv files in the editor. 

For example, a correlation coefficient file that caused such an error had entries that looked like this. The extra spaces between the commas next to CASH and GLOBAL EQUITIES were interpreted as null data. 

It's difficult to say what might cause these entries.They could be created when editing the file in Excel and leaving space breaks in a cell. 

The solution is to simply remove these extra spaces. For example, ten blank comma-separated fields should look like this...


...not like this...

, , , , , , , , , , ,

Removing these null field spaces should make your files.  Contact Voyant Support if you need further assistance.