View number of Active/Available licenses in your Voyant Subscription

To view the number of adviser, paraplanner, and consumer licences available in your firm's subscription:

1. Visit our website. Which website you go to depends on which version of Voyant you use. 


  Canada -


  Ireland -


  United Kingdom -


  United States -



2. Click My Subscription in the website's top navigation bar.


A count of the number of used and allowed adviser, auxiliary (paraplanner), and consumer licences will be shown on this screen.

To view who these licences are allocated to, click the 'View Users in Subscription' link in the left-hand menu. Once the list displays on screen it can be exported to excel using the 'Export Options' links at the bottom of the list.

If additional licences are needed, arrangements can be made by contacting Voyant customer support at