Let's See - How events and stages are shown and used on the Let's See charts

View and Reposition Events on the Let’s See Charts
A timeline spans the axis of the Let's See charts, identifying stages and events in the plan. Events are noted with markers on the timeline. To display an event’s details (its name, owner, and the year it is set to occur), move your cursor over the event marker on the chart.


The Edit Time button, located on the charts panel, allows events in the timeline to be adjusted and the results to be viewed immediately in the charts. Once activated, events can be dragged up or down the timeline and as they are repositioned, dates will change, the plan will be recalculated and the charts readjusted accordingly.


With the edit feature activated, events may also be added to the timeline by right-clicking on the chart anywhere above the timeline.

Click the Edit Time button again to deactivate this feature.