Login, Sign-in Error (Elevate) - Unhandled Login Exception

I receive an "unhandled login exception" error when attempting to sign into the Voyant-Elevate software.  

This error almost invariably indicates an issue with your Elevate platform login credentials. In most cases it indicates an expired password (Elevate requires password resets at regular intervals) or less frequently, a prompt for you to accept new terms of service. 

When you log into Voyant for Elevate, we pass your Elevate platform credentials over Elevate for authentication. The website we send your credentials to is https://ads.elevateplatform.co.uk/Home.aspx.

If there is any issue with your log in credentials (e.g. an expired password), Elevate returns to Voyant an "unhandled login exception", which appears after you attempt to log in. 



1. Open your browser and visit https://ads.elevateplatform.co.uk/Home.aspx.


2. Try signing in using your Elevate credentials - the same credentials you used when attempting to sign into Voyant. 

- If you are prompted to reset your password or accept a new terms of service, do so and then return to Voyant and try logging in again.


- If there is another error when logging into the Elevate platform, please contact Elevate customer care for support. Their contact details are available here



- If you are able to sign into the site without problems, please copy the address in your browser (before clicking any subsequent links) and email it to us at Voyant support, support@planwithvoyant.com.