Use events to set the time span for items in a plan

Events and stages create the structure around which a plan is built. An expense, for example, could be incurred over the course of one or more stages or it could be set to begin and end with particular events from the timeline.

To set the time span for an item in a plan, first select that item in the ledger on the right side of the screen. Next, go to the Time chooser panel. To set a time span for an item using events, select the panel's Event tab.


Viewing this chronological list of events from the planning timeline, select a start event and an end event for the item selected in the ledger. Only two events can be selected - a green bullet indicating the start event and a red bullet the end event. Should you need to switch to a different start or end event, first deselect the green or red marker and then select the new start or end event on the panel.