Base Plans and Scenarios - Create and compare what-if plans

Planning Scenarios: Create and Compare What-If Plans
Create financial plans that are not only thorough and meaningful but also varied. Explore a range of possibilities with your clients using what-if plans.

What-if plans are scenarios. As you use Voyant’s simulation tools to explore different strategies, options and their implications with your client, new iterations can be saved into the client’s record as individual what-if plans. A client record can contain an unlimited number of what-if plans, each illustrating a unique scenario.
Base Plans
Client records will always contain at least one plan beginning with the base plan.
As client information is initially input it will be collected into a base plan. A base plan should capture the client’s financial situation as it is today. Once saved, this base may then be used as a foundation upon which to build variations - planning scenarios known as what-if plans.
Create New What-If Plans
To begin work on a new what-if scenario, click the What If button located in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Create New Link

An additional What If button is also available on the control panel of the Let’s See charts.

What If Button

Enter a name for the new plan. The plan created will be a copy of the plan you are presently viewing. Any changes made will then be saved into the new what-if plan.

Create New Dialog

Switching Plans
What-if plans are added to drop-down list of plans, which can be viewed by clicking theManage Plans button, located in the upper-left corner of the screen. The plans in this list can be selected for viewing and possibly editing.

Manage Plans

Compare Plans in the Let’s See Charts
Viewed in the Compare Plans mode, the Let’s See charts present a side-by-side comparison of two plans and their projected results.

Lets See

To activate compare plans mode, click the Compare Plans option in the charts panel. Use the Select Plan menus, located on the right side of the charts panel, to select two plans for comparison.