Help us help you - What information does support generally need to troubleshoot and answer questions?

Members of our support team usually need the following basic information to help answer your questions efficiently.

Note that much of this information is submitted to us automatically when you submit a ticket from the software by clicking the Help button, lower left. 

Please send us: 

1.  The name of the client

2.  The name of the plan/scenario, if other than the base plan

3.  Specifics such as the name of the item in question. For example, if the question is about a pension and there are several in the plan, what is the name of the pension.

4.  Any additional description of the problem and specifics, if necessary. For example, the year something is happening or a number that appears to be off and what the expected result is.

5. Please be sure to save your latest changes before contact us.

Note: If you are working offline we will not be able to see these updates until you are online again, allowing the software to synchronise with our servers.