Issues with User Names and Passwords - Problems signing into the software or the Voyant website?

User Names, Passwords and Login Assistance

Problems logging in through the Voyant software

If you are logging in through the software and are unable to recall your credentials, click Password Help to use our website's user name and password assistance tools.


Problems logging into the Voyant website

If you are having problems signing into the Voyant website, first be sure that you are visiting the correct website.

Which website you visit for assistance with your user name and/or password will depend on which version of Voyant you use. 

- Voyant Adviser (US)

- Voyant Adviser (UK)

- Voyant Adviser (UK for AXA Elevate), click Adviser, and sign in using your Elevate platform user name and password.

- Voyant Adviser (Ireland)


Click Log In, top-right.

Standard user name and password reminders and a password reset tools are available on this page. 

Reminder/password reset emails will be sent to the email address linked to the username.


Have you registered to trial the software on the wrong website? 

Our websites work independently of one another and which you visit will depend on which version of Voyant you use. For example, if you registered on our .com website, you have registered for the US software of our software. Our UK website, will have no record of your user account. 

If you registered on the wrong website by mistake, simply re-register on the correct website and be sure to note the correct address for future visits. You can even re-register using the same user name and password, since these websites work independently. 


Contact Voyant Support if after using these tools you are still unable to sign or if you are encountering any problems connecting to the Voyant server.


Special login assistance for AXA Elevate Users 

Users of the Voyant-AXA Elevate software should sign in using their Elevate platform credentials.

You may contact AXA Customer Care for assistance with expired passwords.

Online contact form: AXA Elevate Advisor Support
Tel: 0845 6002399 or 08451299993 (lines open between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday*)


When you log into Voyant for Elevate, we pass your Elevate platform credentials over AXA for authentication. The website we send your credentials to is

If there is any issue with your log in credentials (e.g. an expired password), Elevate returns to Voyant an "unhandled login exception", which appears after you attempt to log in. 

1. Open your browser and visit

2. Try signing in using your Elevate credentials - the same credentials you used when attempting to sign into Voyant. 

- If you are prompted to reset your password or accept a new terms of service, do so and then return to Voyant and try logging in again.

- If there is another error when logging into the Elevate platform, please contact AXA customer care for support.

Online contact form: AXA Elevate Advisor Support
Tel: 0845 6002399 or 08451299993 (lines open between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday*)

- If you are able to sign into the site without problems, please copy the address in your browser (before clicking any subsequent links) and email it to us at Voyant support,