Problems Installing Voyant? - Windows 8, special installation instructions

Special instructions for installing Voyant on Windows 8

For reasons unfathomable to us, the Metro tablet view of Windows 8 includes a tile that launches what is actually a pared down (deprecated) version of the Internet Explorer browser. This version of the browser doesn’t do all of the things that Internet Explorer can normally do, which includes running the scripts that are used to install applications and platforms like Voyant and Java.

That is why Windows 8 users will see the following message when they visit the website to install or check their computers for Java, which is required to run Voyant.

The message pictured below is directing you to use only the desktop version of Internet Explorer - the complete version of the browser which can be only be accessed when viewing Windows 8 in Desktop mode. Unfortunately, those of us who are entirely new to Windows 8 may not know what the Desktop mode is or how to switch to it.

To install Java and Voyant on Windows 8, you will need to switch from the Metro view to the traditional Windows Desktop mode.

1. To switch to this mode, click the Desktop tile. Unless repositioned, this tile should be located in the lower-left corner of the Metro screen view.


 This tile will open a traditional view of Windows desktop that should be familiar to you.

2. On the desktop, click the shortcut to Internet Explorer in the tray menu, bottom-left. This shortcut will open the complete version of the browser.


3. Now visit to check your computer for Java and install it, if needed.

4. Once you have confirmed that Java is installed, go to one of the following websites to install Voyant, depending on the version you use.


  Canada -


  Ireland -


  United Kingdom -


  United States -


Once Voyant has been successfully installed, you can access the software via desktop link, either in the traditional Desktop mode (shown below, top) or as a tile in the Metro mode (shown below, bottom).


Should you ever need to reinstall Voyant, be sure to access Internet Explorer in the Desktop mode. Then visit the appropriate Voyant website, log in using your Voyant user account and click the Plan Now button to install the software.