User in the UK who accidentally downloaded the US version of Voyant

Q - I am an adviser in the United Kingdom. I've registered to trial Voyant only to find that after installing and opening the software it shows dollar signs and makes mention of 401k's, IRA's and Social Security. What do I need to do to get the UK release of Voyant? 

A - Unfortunately, your registration was entered by mistake on our US website (, which registers you for the US version of the adviser software.

Our .com website (Voyant US) and our website (Voyant UK), work independently of one another so we don't have the option of moving your trial account over to the correct website and hence to the UK release of our software. 

Apologies for the extra step, but to register for the UK software trial, please visit our Voyant UK website: and click the “Free Trial” link to register. An activation notice will be e-mailed to you immediately afterwards.

Since the two sites are independent, you may reuse the same user name and password when registering on our UK website. 

Also, before installing the UK release please be sure to delete the Voyant desktop shortcut to our US release to avoid any future confusion over which to click to launch the software. 

And please contact us at if you have any questions or should you require further assistance.