Authorisation Limit - Computer has been authorised but is not recognised as such

Issue: I am opening a Voyant on a computer that I have authorised in the past and I have never deauthorised it as a registered device with Voyant. However a message appears stating that I have reached my authorisation limit. The system is treating the computer as if it has never been authorised before whereas I know it has.


Possible Cause: Our system keys off the unique MAC address for your computer, not the computer names. The system should register all of your computer MAC addresses when you first install Voyant, authorising it as a device. If any one matches you should be able to open the software.

There have been a few cases where the MAC address of the wireless cards (dongle) plugged into the computer have themselves been picked up as the operational device, which could be causing the problem. 


Solution: Contact Voyant Support and explain the issue. In most cases we will increase the number of authorised computers on your account to three, which should allow you to open the software.

It would be helpful if you could provide us some additional information about your computer in order to prevent any possible future authorisation issues.

1. Open Voyant on the computer in question and sign in using your Voyant user credentials.

2. Select and open any client record.

3. Click the Voyant logo (or of the software is rebranded, your firm's logo) top-left.

A dialogue will display showing software version information.

4. Click the "View System Info" link in the middle of this dialogue.

Another window will display information about your computer including all of its Mac addresses, at present.

5. Click the Copy to Clipboard button.

6. Open an email message and paste this information from your computer clipboard. Go to the Edit menu and select Past or press CTRL + V.

Either respond to this message or email this information to