Timing - Scheduling the start of future annuity income

The Annuity screen is used only to enter (1) non-pension annuities (purchased life annuities), or (2) pension annuities already in payment to the individual. To re-state: Pension annuities are only entered via the Annuity screen if they are already in payment to the individual, at the beginning of the plan.

NOTE: Future annuitisations of money purchase benefits, or drawdown benefits are scheduled separately, if planned, through the Drawdown & Annuity > Annuity panel of the Pensions > Money Purchase or Drawdown Pension screen, respectively.


The Time Panel

Active Annuities (Pension and Non-Pension) - The Time panel is disabled for active pension annuities. Event selections are unnecessary since the annuity is already in payment.

Deferred or Future Non-Pension Annuities - A single start event (green dot) must be selected on the Time panel for non-pension annuities that are either future purchases, to schedule the future purchase year, or deferred, scheduling the year in which payments will begin.