Version comments - Comments cannot be edited

Q - I am viewing past versions of a client case but cannot edit them. Are these version comments functioning as designed? 

A -  This is by design. Version comments are permanent. 

Whenever you save changes to a client case it is saved as a version. Whenever you click the Client: Save button or Yes when asked whetjer you want to save changes, you will be given the opportunity to enter any comments related to that version - e.g. notes about the changes you've made. 

These past versions of a client case and any comments added when saving them can be viewed by clicking Manage Plans (top-left). The Plan Management dialogue will display. Click the View Versions button, bottom-left.

Version information is intentionally non-editable on the Plan Management dialogue. This is to say that once you have saved a version, the comments added to it remain saved with it and cannot be edited because they relate specifically to that version of the case at the time it was saved.

If instead you want to keep ongoing, editable notes about a client case, you may use our notes feature, which is found on the Overview > General screen, Notes tab.