Real Money Simulation - Can the RPI assumption be adjusted when running this simulation?

Q - Real Money reports show a growth figure of 3%, is it possible to reduce this figure via the settings to 2.5%?

A - You will notice when running the simulation that real money is calculated based on RPI. 

You can adjust the assumption for RPI by visiting Preferences (the cog icon, top-left) > Plan Preferences (on the right side of the screen) > expend Default Inflation / Growth Rates > edit RPI % > click the Apply button (bottom-right). Return to the Let's See charts and rerun the simulation. 

Bear in mind that adjusting the RPI be used to escalate final salary and annuity payouts, when this type of indexing is selected. If your plan contains final salaries and/or annuities that you have set for escalation based on RPI, please be aware that adjusting the RPI preference will also affect future payouts from these income sources.


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