ARCHIVE - Voyant Adviser "Freezes" on Mac - Problem selecting buttons and other items on screen caused by Dock settings **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Issue - On some Macs users have reported issue selecting buttons. It appears that the cursor is mispositioned and sometimes in order to select a field or button, the cursor must be positioned well above or below it. 

For example, after installing the software the user steps through the initial screen, comes to the Enable Offline Synchronisation prompt and cannot click Yes or No to continue. 

Cause - This issue is caused by the Mac OS's new default setting, which locks the Dock in place at the bottom of the screen. Previously, the Dock would appear or be hidden upon mouseover. The positioning of the Dock is affecting the focus of the cursor. 

Solution - Change settings, allowing the Dock to be hidden.

Click the Apple icon (top-left) > and select Dock Dock Preferences.

Tick Automatically hide and show the dock. 

NOTE: Ideally, make this change with Voyant closed or before opening Voyant. If Voyant is open when you make this change to settings, you will probably need to close and reopen it for this change to take effect.

Addendum - 'Automatically hide and show the Dock' is already selected

In the event that 'Automatically hide and show the Dock' is already ticked, and the issue has not resolved, go to System Preferences > Screen Resolution, and ensure that this is set to 'Best for Display'. Now try re-launching Voyant - you may find that the mouse pad 'tracking' issue has now resolved.